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  • Nano Cafe

    Nano Cafe

    962 reviews
  • Danny C.

    Danny C.

    First time to visit this restaurant today and wasn't expecting quality food but, so impressive and so tasty foods.
    No wonder why there were so many customer's reviews on yelp.
    Also, servers and lady owner were so kind from beginning to end with smiles even though it was too busy.
    I recommend this restaurant and on my favorite restaurant list as of today.
  • Linda E.

    Linda E.

    My Daughter & Granddaughter Treated Me too an Early Mother'sDay Brunch Here. We Sat Outside.
    Our Waitress was ABSOLUTELY Wonderful-
    Welcoming-Friendly-Fun- Which Made HUGE KUDOS -
    Ya see I moved to Monrovia,Ca from Raleigh,NC I arrived On February 20,2022. Before that lived most of my 62 yrs in Durham,NC. There's a Diner there called "ELMO'S " on 9th.St.. I Love this place - I walk in they know me by name- know my favorite seat at the end of the counter bar-How and what I want my coffee-
    On most visit regardless of if it be mornings or dinner-
    I pretty much have my favorites-
    Moving soo soooo far from Even Raleigh NC where I lived 2 yrs before moving to Cali.. I found a Diner in Raleigh called Metro Diner- It's my Raleigh favorite place to dine anytime-any-day multiple days-
    After Coming to Nano's Cafe ** Well I've gotten Myself a Place I so enjoy the food - People -Environment-
    If You've not visit as yet I HIGHLY Recommend Doing so .they are Open from 6 -AM till 3 pm 7 days a Week.
    Who Knows Maybe I'll See You There .
  • Edward H.

    Edward H.

    Do yourself a favor and visit this great restaurant on Duarte Rd in Monrovia. This is my favorite restaurant in town. Menu is extensive, the food is absolutely excellent, the staffs are always polite, happy and truly care about your experience.  I've been coming here for years with my family, co-workers & friends and am always delighted with my meal.  Eggs Benedict or Salmon Benedict with golden hash brown and fresh fruits is my must have at Nano's.  Country Fried Steak with biscuit and gravy is also excellent.  Adding with Cinnamon French Toast would be heavenly, which is my daughter's favorite meal. Even during pandemic, we had ordered here regularly.  We're so fortunate that they have managed to thrive through the hard time. I highly recommend Nano's in Monrovia.  I love this place and will continue to dine here with my family and friends.
  • Joanne S.

    Joanne S.

    Very, very much improved. I think since a few years ago, this place has greatly improved in service and quality of food.

    After getting brunch (strawberry pancake combo and Colorado omelette), I found myself hoping their cooks are getting paid well - everything was well executed and delicious (even with how crazy busy it was). Our waitress was also extremely sweet and attentive.

    A lovely neighborhood brunch gem!
  • April M.

    April M.

    I enjoy nano cafe for a variety of reasons. The staff, always nice. Your coffee cup? Always full, like, ALWAYS. The cinnamon roll French toast? BOMB! I however, more often than not- get the corned beef hash- my go to- OH and for some reason, their cream of wheat is stupid good. Just go. Try the menu.
  • Steven S. P.

    Steven S. P.

    It has been a while since I ate here. I am happy to return to this place. It is almost like coming to a friend's place. I love their generous portions and friendly service. I arrived late close to their closing time but they were accommodating and did not rush. I know this place is loved by their regulars. if I lived close by I would come here more often.
  • Alex K.

    Alex K.

    This place is absolutely recommended for families, couples, & friends.
    It was my first visit after hiking. They have nice food and service!!
    Although I live far from the place, I would love to visit again
  • Christina N.

    Christina N.

    We've been ordering DoorDash for brunch lately and we always go back to Nano Cafe. The portions are generous and the quality of the food is amazing. Our favorite is the kimchi fried rice and the kimchi cream pasta. Both are packed with kimchi and are so addicting. We also usually order Thai iced teas also because it is never overly sweet. Their prices may seem expensive, but their quality and portion size justifies it.

    The kimchi fried rice also came with a small side of soup. This soup was amazing!!! It was their take on chicken noodle soup. The chicken meatballs were flavorful and moist. I would order a whole bowl of this.

    Today we ordered through DoorDash and there was a rose pen inside of the bag. We thought they forget their pen, but there was also a pen stand. It's so cute and such a nice surprise! A sweet gift for Mother's Day. Nano cafe will always be one of our top choices to go to.
  • Evelyn A.

    Evelyn A.

    My family love this place, so we came here today (Easter  Sunday) for our lunch. We have not been here for a long time cause we live kinda far away, but I think it was a great decision to come here today. The service was awesome as always and the food was good too! I expected longer wait time for table and food cause it's holiday today, but the waiting was pretty short for both. Not sure when will be my next visit to Nano, but I will definitely come back next time.
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