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  • Nano Cafe

    Nano Cafe

    909 reviews
  • Sabrina B.

    Sabrina B.

    Beautiful spot to eat at. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Everyone who works here is so kind. They totally pass that around! Cause I always take that with me when I leave. To be kind to anyone/everyone. The food is always tasty
    (thank you cooks! I appreciate you) servers are adorable. The owner is so humble and I appreciate that so much. Thank you!
  • Mika M.

    Mika M.

    Soon as we entered,i heared other customers greeting the staff as if they were family! Like theyve been going to this little spot and everyone knows everyone.

    Staff were super friendly and one lady(didnt get her name) even offered other customers who were ordering for pick up(they look like workers who stop by to get food) some water to go. What a sweet and thoughtful gesture i was impressed.

    Food were good,loved the cornedbeef! And yess i ordered it extra crispy and with rice! Lol!

    Definitely recommend this place to have some feel at home friendly environment and good food to eat!
  • Masis Y.

    Masis Y.

    We stopped by this place with coworkers for brunch. Great food quality with good prices very friendly staff . I highly recommend this place . Prices are really reasonable for the food quality you receive.
  • Will C.

    Will C.

    This is a great spot for breakfast or lunch.  It was hard to choose from their extensive menu, but we decided on the pancake combo, french dip sandwich, 1/2 chicken and waffles and the french toast.

    The pancakes were really good.  They were HUGE and really fluffy!  The French dip sandwich was really good as well.  The consomme was really good without being too salty and you get plenty of meat in the sandwich.  The chicken and waffles were excellent.  The chicken was fried perfectly and the waffles were really good and thick.  The French toast was also really good.

    The service was excellent.  The lady (I think she is the owner) was so friendly, kind and accommodating to us.

    I'm already thinking of what to get next time.  We can't wait to go back.
  • Steven S. P.

    Steven S. P.

    I am always impressed with the quality and service of this little cafe in Monrovia. They use quality ingredients and serve generous portions with warm and welcoming smiles. I was just there yesterday after being out-of-town for several weeks. I noticed they put up a new sign--an improvement from their old sign featuring the word Monrovia. It's great to feel proud of the city where they do the business! I always recommend this cozy place to my friends for the value and comfort of this place. The owner runs this place like her own family. The kitchen is busy, and there is constant pressure in there. The waitresses are running around greeting, waiting on their tables, the phone orders are coming in, and delivery folks are zooming in and out, picking up their orders. All things you would expect in a friendly and popular neighborhood breakfast/lunch place!  Oh, I also noticed a fantastic mural in their patio space. It reminds me of the background scene of Hiyao Miyazaki's animation, Totoro. So happy they are doing well during the pandemic. I must warn you. However, there's some wait if you get there during the busy time. I love going there super early like 6:30 am or in-between meal times like 10:30 am or after 1:30 pm.
  • Fernando R.

    Fernando R.

    I love that Ive found this place. It's perfect for breakfast, has a nice feeling to the restaurant , like welcoming. they have so many good food options, it's nice to be able to get all my family member what they want. I usually ask for my server to be Melissa she's lovely and always does a great job. If you're from the area this a great breakfast find!
  • Candace H.

    Candace H.

    Very good spot for breakfast/lunch...love their pasta it was so good. I also love the truffle parmesan french fries.  Staff was friendly and attentive. Love this place and will definitely come back again!
  • Artamisa M.

    Artamisa M.

    I order from nanos at least once a week, the food quality is always outstanding and it is obvious in the packaging and care taken with the food that the owners do care about quality. I have never had a bad meal and the food is always delivered hot and quickly.
    The eggs Florentine and eggs Benedict are awesome as well as the beef dip, club and the Croissant sandwiches. You will Not be disappointed .

    I had one issue with Dash Dash not delivering my order and Nano's went above and beyond to make sure they got it to me (after it was remade) and was deliver by their own staff. That customer service is unheard of nowadays. Thank you Nanos!
  • Sergio Z.

    Sergio Z.

    A couple friends of our told us about little cafe in Monrovia called Nano Cafe they're say food is really especially breakfast is the best time to have a good breakfast and also they have good lunch menu.   My wife and I including dad went have breakfast to celebrate our 19th anniversary of marriage oh by the way my father in law was buying us breakfast.

    When we arrive at the restaurant it wasn't busy but they people in the restaurant enjoy their breakfast.   I add my name to the waiting list it went fast we got seated right and waitess brought us the menu and got our drink order.  We look at the menu we were impress with the menu many varieties of dishes.   We decided to order my wife order the big country breakfast come with sausage and eggs and country potatoes and biscuits and gravy and also she order a side of strawberry pancakes.

    I order the prime beef machaca comes with eggs and country potatoes and also your choice of tortillas flour or corn,I also order a side 7 grain pancake.Pancake.  The atmosphere of restaurant is amazing friendly and you get to know workers of the restaurant well.    The waitess brought the food to the table and the food looks really.   I took a bite of the prime beef machaca first the meat was really tender with good flavors in beef mix with green peppers and onions combine with the eggs add so much flavor in the machaca.

    The country potatoes were very good season well and bottom was crunchy that I like and tortillas comes in handle.   When I finish with prime beef machaca then the 7 grain pancake they were very good I enjoy it very much.  My wife enjoy her big country breakfast she share it with her dad in the strawberry pancakes that they enjoy.    Overall the food was amazing including the service we will come back again.
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